Be A Vastu Professional

Why you need To Buy Vastu Compass?
Check Vastu of Plot / Home / Office / Shop / Factory
Hotel / Restaurant / Hospital / Dispensary

Vastu Compass can be used by Vastu Professionals, Feng Shui Professionals,
Astrologers, Interior Designers, Architects as well as comman man.

Vastu Don’t’s

Vastu is an intrinsic form of energy that guides us the laws of the nature for our wellbeing. Ignorance of these laws won’t be taken as an excuse anywhere. Below are listed some of the rules that everyone should abide by in their life.

  • The ground of the plot should be flat leveled where you are planning to make your home. The plot should not be on any slope or even if it is, it should be sloping in downwards direction either in north or east direction.
  • Avoid purchasing a site that lies to the south, west, south-west, north-west or south-east of a property.
  • The doors of house/office, especially the main door should never produce creaky noise.
  • Prefer a plot with no obstructions. If any, then it should be on the southern or western side rather than on eastern or northern side. This is because the impediments are propitious if they block the winds from west and they are untoward if they block the sun’s rays from reaching inside home.
  • Don’t plant trees in the north and east sector. You can plant a tree in the southwest sector of the building.
  • Trees of any kind should not be grown in eastern or northern, northeast directions.
  • Pictures of any war scenes, demons, one in anger should not be placed in the house.
  • Avoid dead plants in front of your house.

Vastu Tweets

  • 6 Important Principles of Vastu 1. Entrance should preferably be from the north or east with more door and...
  • As per , shape of Dining Table should NOT be Round, Oval, Hexagonal or Irregular shaped. It should be SQUARE or RECTANGULAR.
  • If one sleeps, for any unknown reason, putting the head towards North and facing the South, one will have nightmares and sleepless nights.
  • There should NOT be Store Room, Garage, Out House, Watchman Cabin etc. in front of the MAIN ENTRANCE. This leads to loss of property.

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