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Vastu Pooja

Vastu Shastra – the science for architecture and construction is always referred before initiation of any construction work. This science defines some of the best practices to be followed when constructing a home. The rituals and procedures for Vastu Puja- commonly known as “Griha-pravesh Puja” are taken from the “Matsya Purana”.

Before starting with “Griha-pravesh Puja”, Mother Earth (Bhoomi) is worshiped first with the procedures of Bhoomi- Poojan. The things required for Bhoomi-Poojan are as follows:

  1. A vessel full of Ganges water
  2. Leaves of mango
  3. Flowers, roli, grains of rice
  4. Turmeric
  5. Betel nut
  6. Durba grass
  7. Kalava (red thread)
  8. The place where Bhoomi Poojan is conducted is cleaned and purified.

Then the following rituals take place.

  1. Shatkarm- The persons performing Bhoomi pooja are made to do shatkarma – Pavitrikaran, Aachaman, Shikhavandan, Pranayam, Najas and Prithivi poojan
  2. Sankalp- Rice grains, flower petals, water are given in the hands of those performing the ritual. They offer it to the Bhoomi while reciting the shlokas.
  3. Devi poojan- The mother goddess is invoked.
  4. Bhoomi abhishinchan- To purify the place, pure water or Ganges water is sprinkled with the help of mango leaves or flowers. Mantras are recited.
  5. Pran pratishtha and poojan- Rice grains and flower petals are sprinkled on the earth by using the right hand. Mantras are recited.
  6. Manglik dravya sthapna- after the poojan, auspicious things is put inside the Bhoomi or earth. First the objects with which the earth has to be dug are worshipped by anointing them with roli. Rice grains and flowers are then offered. A small pit is then dug. Auspicious things like turmeric, durba grass, betel nuts, kalava, and rice grains are put inside the pit. Auspicious metals like gold and silver can also be put.


It is said the each new acquisition is subject to various evil forces and jealousy. As a precautionary measure for this various safeguard ceremonies must be performed. Griha-Pravesh Puja is one such ceremony which is performed to conciliate with the gods and planets so that the inmates of the house are blessed with good fortune.

Ganesh-puja, Navagraha-puja (worship of the nine planets), and worship of the Vastu purusha should be performed. The residents of the building should then circumambulate the building. Then puja should be done to the threshold.

The Vidhi of Griha-Pravesh Puja is as follows:

  • Items Required for Griha-Pravesh puja are:
    1. Chandan powder / paste
    2. Flowers 1 bunch
    3. Agarbatti
    4. Kapoor
    5. Jaggery
    6. Plate for keeping rice
    7. Rice bag 10 lbs (color it with turmeric powder or kumkum and add few drops of water and mix well) – also known as akshata.
    8. Corn, separate seeds and stalks.
    9. Dhoop
    10. Deep (niranjan)
    11. Sweet dish to offer (like kheer/halwa)
    12. Kum kum
    13. Red blouse pieces 2. (2 feet by 2 feet)
    14. White blouse pieces 2 (2 feet by 2 feet)
    15. Kalash or lota (big sized which can hold the coconut and leaves)
    16. Mango or bettle leaves
    17. New vessel
    18. Milk
    19. Ganpathi idol or idol of your favorite deity (if you are sri vaishnava then you need picture of narayana / vishnu)
    20. Real Cow or Cow idol or picture (optional)
    21. Few spoons (metal preferred to light camphor)
    22. Few plates
    23. Turmeric powder
    24. Ghee /oil for lamp
    25. 2 Puja Coconuts (with coir on top ) + 1 for every door
    26. Cow Dung and cow urine
    27. Curd
    28. Red sewing thread.
    29. Lemons 4 for every door.
    30. Aluminum foil role.
  • After collecting all the items Ganesh Pooja is initiated outside the house by chanting the names and mantras of lord Ganesha and offering the idol flowers, sweet, food items and Chandan (Sandal-wood paste).
  • Next the preparation of Kalash is initiated.
    1. Place the plate filled with rice on the left hand side of the door of the house
    2. Place kalash on the rice
    3. Fill kalash with water up to 4/5th
    4. Put rice, corn seeds and wheat inside 1 or 2 spoons each.
    5. Put little bit of trimmed grass (from the lawn) inside
    6. Put 5 coins (silver /quarters/dollar) inside
    7. Wrap the red or yellow thread around the kalash’s neck. 1 or 2round.
    8. Place 5 mango or beetle leaves in the shape of Lotus
    9. Wrap red cloth around coconut (preferably a coconut with some fiber or choir on top) and tie a red cloth around it.
    10. Put the coconut now on the kalash.
    11. Chant the mantras and perform the vardhini kalash Puja.
  • Draw Swastika on the door.
  • Wash the door sill with panchamrita and then water.
  • Draw Swastika on the door sill.
  • Write Shubha and Labha on the door on the door along with swastika.
  • Take curd and a spoon offer curd to the column outside the house.
  • Take 3 lemons move it 3 times in a clock wise fashion around the door and 3 times anticlockwise fashion and then place it in a plastic bag near the door (you can throw it away later on in water).
  • Break another coconut (optional).
  • Repeat the same to the door. Preferably each door outside.
  • Chant 12 names of Ganesh (look the previous section)
  • Break a coconut outside the house (you can do for each door outside of your home).
  • The man of the house takes Ganesha idol (and picture or idol of cow) in hand while chanting Ganesha name.
  • The lady of the house takes the kalash on her head (hold the coconut along with the kalash to make sure it does not fall)
  • Step inside the house with the right foot stepping in first and chanting Ganesh names.
    1. Lay the red cloth on the south east corner of the house.
    2. Spread rice on the red cloth in a form of a pile.
    3. Place Ganesh (and cow ) first
    4. Put kalash with coconut on top of the rice pile securely
    5. Worship Ganesh (and cow). If you are shree vaishnava you do vishvasena puja and narayana puja. Plese use appropriate naam mantra for visvaksena and narayana.
    6. Now the lady of the house worships kitchen by doing Tilak on Water tap and stove.
    7. Then she has to boil the milk on the stove until its spills over which shows abundance in the house.
    8. Mix cow dung, cow urine, milk, ghee, and curd and sprinkle in the house everywhere.
    9. Do a little laxmi-narayan Puja, or chant Vishnu sahasra-naamastrotra or play a CD or cassette of above strotra if you have.
    10. It is important to sleep that night in the new house after Griha-pravesh.

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  • As per , shape of Dining Table should NOT be Round, Oval, Hexagonal or Irregular shaped. It should be SQUARE or RECTANGULAR.
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