Be A Vastu Professional

Why you need To Buy Vastu Compass?
Check Vastu of Plot / Home / Office / Shop / Factory
Hotel / Restaurant / Hospital / Dispensary

Vastu Compass can be used by Vastu Professionals, Feng Shui Professionals,
Astrologers, Interior Designers, Architects as well as comman man.

Vastu Compass is a Device / Tool…

Vastu Compass

1) To Check Vastu Defects of your premises.
2) Visual Guide for effective arrangements as per Vastu Shashtra.
3) A Yantra to bring in Positive Energy & Remove Negative Energy.
4) Increases overall Productivity at Home & Works.
5) Life long Asset for You as well as Your Relatives & Friends.
Vastu Compass includes:
Vastu Mandal Chart
Size: 18″ x 18″ Inches
Vastu Feng-Shui Chart
Size: 18″ x 18″ Inches
10 Recommendation Charts:
Plot Vastu
House Vastu
Office Vastu
Shop Vastu
Factory Vastu
Vastu Yantra
Removes Vastu Defects
Vastu Guide
Covers Key Concepts
Vastu Octagon
With Nautical Compass & Spirit Level

Vastu Tweets

  • 6 Important Principles of Vastu 1. Entrance should preferably be from the north or east with more door and...
  • As per , shape of Dining Table should NOT be Round, Oval, Hexagonal or Irregular shaped. It should be SQUARE or RECTANGULAR.
  • If one sleeps, for any unknown reason, putting the head towards North and facing the South, one will have nightmares and sleepless nights.
  • There should NOT be Store Room, Garage, Out House, Watchman Cabin etc. in front of the MAIN ENTRANCE. This leads to loss of property.

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